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instance method Encoding::Converter#primitive_errinfo

primitive_errinfo -> Array[permalink][rdoc]

直前の Encoding::Converter#primitive_convert による変換の結果を保持する五要素の配列を返します。

[result, enc1, enc2, error_bytes, readagain_bytes] という五要素の配列

result は直前の primitive_convert の戻り値です。それ以外の四要素は :invalid_byte_sequence か :incomplete_input か :undefined_conversion だった場合に意味を持ちます。 enc1 はエラーの発生した原始変換の変換元のエンコーディング、enc2 は変換先のエンコーディングです。 error_bytes はエラーの発生原因となったバイト列、readagain_bytes は先読みによって変換器内部に保持されているバイト列です。

primitive_errinfo はもっぱら Encoding::Converter#primitive_convert と組み合わせて使います。Encoding::Converter#convert を用いている場合にも取得することはできますが、有用な使い方は難しいでしょう。

# \xff is invalid as EUC-JP.
ec ="EUC-JP", "Shift_JIS")
ec.primitive_convert(src="\xff", dst="", nil, 10)
p ec.primitive_errinfo
#=> [:invalid_byte_sequence, "EUC-JP", "Shift_JIS", "\xFF", ""]

# HIRAGANA LETTER A (\xa4\xa2 in EUC-JP) is not representable in ISO-8859-1.
# Since this error is occur in UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 conversion,
# error_bytes is HIRAGANA LETTER A in UTF-8 (\xE3\x81\x82).
ec ="EUC-JP", "ISO-8859-1")
ec.primitive_convert(src="\xa4\xa2", dst="", nil, 10)
p ec.primitive_errinfo
#=> [:undefined_conversion, "UTF-8", "ISO-8859-1", "\xE3\x81\x82", ""]

# partial character is invalid
ec ="EUC-JP", "ISO-8859-1")
ec.primitive_convert(src="\xa4", dst="", nil, 10)
p ec.primitive_errinfo
#=> [:incomplete_input, "EUC-JP", "UTF-8", "\xA4", ""]

# Encoding::Converter::PARTIAL_INPUT prevents invalid errors by
# partial characters.
ec ="EUC-JP", "ISO-8859-1")
ec.primitive_convert(src="\xa4", dst="", nil, 10, Encoding::Converter::PARTIAL_INPUT)
p ec.primitive_errinfo
#=> [:source_buffer_empty, nil, nil, nil, nil]

# \xd8\x00\x00@ is invalid as UTF-16BE because
# no low surrogate after high surrogate (\xd8\x00).
# It is detected by 3rd byte (\00) which is part of next character.
# So the high surrogate (\xd8\x00) is discarded and
# the 3rd byte is read again later.
# Since the byte is buffered in ec, it is dropped from src.
ec ="UTF-16BE", "UTF-8")
ec.primitive_convert(src="\xd8\x00\x00@", dst="", nil, 10)
p ec.primitive_errinfo
#=> [:invalid_byte_sequence, "UTF-16BE", "UTF-8", "\xD8\x00", "\x00"]
p src
#=> "@"

# Similar to UTF-16BE, \x00\xd8@\x00 is invalid as UTF-16LE.
# The problem is detected by 4th byte.
ec ="UTF-16LE", "UTF-8")
ec.primitive_convert(src="\x00\xd8@\x00", dst="", nil, 10)
p ec.primitive_errinfo
#=> [:invalid_byte_sequence, "UTF-16LE", "UTF-8", "\x00\xD8", "@\x00"]
p src
#=> ""