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class Digest::SHA256

クラスの継承リスト: Digest::SHA256 < Digest::Base < Digest::Instance < Digest::Class < Object < Kernel < BasicObject


FIPS PUB 180-2に記述されているNIST (the US' National Institute of Standards and Technology) の SHA-256 Secure Hash Algorithmを実装するクラスです。


! != __id__ __send__ instance_eval instance_exec method_missing singleton_method_added singleton_method_removed singleton_method_undefined << == block_length clone digest digest! digest_length file hexdigest hexdigest! reset .digest .file .hexdigest .new !~ <=> === =~ _dump class define_singleton_method display enum_for eql? equal? extend freeze frozen? hash initialize initialize_copy inspect instance_of? instance_variable_defined? instance_variable_get instance_variable_set instance_variables is_a? itself marshal_dump marshal_load method methods nil? object_id pretty_inspect pretty_print pretty_print_cycle pretty_print_inspect pretty_print_instance_variables private_methods protected_methods psych_to_yaml public_method public_methods public_send remove_instance_variable respond_to? respond_to_missing? send singleton_class singleton_method singleton_methods taint tainted? tap to_a to_ary to_hash to_int to_io to_proc to_regexp to_str trust untaint untrust untrusted? .yaml_tag ::ARGF ::ARGV ::DATA ::ENV ::FALSE ::NIL ::RUBY_COPYRIGHT ::RUBY_DESCRIPTION ::RUBY_ENGINE ::RUBY_PATCHLEVEL ::RUBY_PLATFORM ::RUBY_RELEASE_DATE ::RUBY_REVISION ::RUBY_VERSION ::SCRIPT_LINES__ ::STDERR ::STDIN ::STDOUT ::TOPLEVEL_BINDING ::TRUE